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Table 4 Number of different structural and functional indicators grouped by the objective of the estimation identified in Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, aiming to assess the conservation status of the forest habitat types and the possibility of estimation using NFI data (considering field protocols of Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain)

From: The conservation status assessment of Natura 2000 forest habitats in Europe: capabilities, potentials and challenges of national forest inventories data

Group of indicators Number of indicators Possibility of estimation with NFI data
Alien plant species 2 High
Animal species presence 16 Low
Fellings 1 High
Deadwood 5 High
Disturbances 5 High
Endangered species 1 Medium
Floristic composition 16 Medium
Herbivory 7 Medium
Horizontal structure 17 High
Naturalness 2 Medium
Old-growth trees 2 High
Regeneration 12 High
Seeds and/or seedlings production/survival 8 Medium
Shrub composition and structure 1 High
Soil 3 Medium
Spatial indicators 17 Low
Stand age 2 High
Tree composition 30 High
Genetic information 2 Low
Tree growth 4 High
Tree health status 5 Medium
Tree stress 4 Low
Vertical structure 5 High
Water flows and regime 5 Low
Total 172