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Table 2 List of the alternatives/data sets for the upper diameter models evaluated in this article

From: The effects of truncating the angle count sampling method on the Austrian National Forest Inventory

AbbreviationModel parameterisationVolume estimation
Training data setDistinction of DBH < 60 and DBH ≥ 60 cmStock estimation data set
1. fnfFull subsampleNoFull sample
2. tnfTruncated subsampleNoFull sample
3. fyfFull subsampleYesFull sample
4. tyfTruncated subsampleYesFull sample
5. fntFull subsampleNoTruncated sample
6. tntTruncated subsampleNoTruncated sample
7. fytFull subsampleYesTruncated sample
8. tytTruncated subsampleYesTruncated sample