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Table 1 List of traits, abbreviations, and formula when appropriate

From: Is vulnerability segmentation at the leaf-stem transition a drought resistance mechanism? A theoretical test with a trait-based model for Neotropical canopy tree species

Abbreviation Unit Trait Formula
tcrit h Shoot desiccation time See materials and methods
P88,stem MPa Water potential at stem 88% loss of conductivity  
P88,leaf MPa Water potential at leaf 88% loss of conductivity  
P50,stem MPa Water potential at stem 50% loss of conductivity  
P50,leaf MPa Water potential at leaf 50% loss of conductivity  
Ψtlp MPa Water potential at leaf turgor loss point  
Aleaf m2 Shoot leaf area  
Abark m2 Stem bark area  
Vstem m3 Stem volume  
gmin mmol m−2 s−1 Leaf minimum conductance  
gbark mmol m−2 s−1 Bark conductance  
Wft,stem mmol m−3 MPa−1 Estimated stem capacitance at full turgor Wft,stem =  − 930.93 * wood density + 868.97a
Wtlp,leaf mmol m−3 MPa−1 Leaf capacitance after turgor loss point  
SHSM MPa Stomatal-hydraulic safety margin ΨtlpP88,stem or ΨtlpP50,stem
gmin*2Aleafb mmol s−1 Leaf minimum transpiration rate  
gbark*Abark mmol s−1 Bark transpiration rate  
Cshoot Aleaf+bark−1b mmol MPa−1 m−2 Shoot capacity to total evaporative surface (Wft,stemVstem + Wtlp,leafAleaf)/(2Aleaf + Abark)b
Cstem Abark−1 mmol MPa−1 m−2 Stem capacity to bark surface Wft,stemVstem/Abark
  1. aSantiago et al. (2018)
  2. bAleaf is multiplied by 2 as transpiration occurs at both abaxial and adaxial leaf sides